This swimming pool (in the guide) is still in a very good condition after 16 years!

Build it Yourself  and $ave 

This product reached its end of life cycle and is only available on request (click on "Ordering" tab below).
February 2016

VERY low maintenance, small (3mx4m), salt water, heated, durable and an attraction. Water capacity = 10 000 litres (10 Kl). A 0.75KW pool pump circulates 10 000 litres per hour. In practice the pump runs for 3 hours every day. Circulation and filtration of the water equals 3 times per day. Keep electricity usage in mind.

The DIY swimming pool in stages

Build your swimming pool to compliment your own specifications and needs. The ultimate swimming pool planning / building guide, in a very easy to follow, understandable format and style. This guide is specially written for the South African market, to produce a high quality DIY swimming pool. Measurements in Metric

This pool was completed beginning 2000 and still in a very good condition as at the beginning of 2016.
The BIG advantage: Y
ou can stop building at any stage. (For example being cash strapped)
Building step by step, in stages as your financial situation allows you to, is the answer!

THIS GUIDE is produced only for the The South African flag market and cloud downloadable @

The only website to offer you an easy, understandable, multi media guide on how to build a swimming pool:
Capturing 3 years of research and 3 months of building. Designed, written and produced for "the man in the street"
The "How To" documented into an easy, understandable guide

This swimming pool is still in use after 15 years (2015) without
showing any structural flaws.
OWN sourced material + OWN labour = GREAT savings = NO or LESS DEBT

The material can be bought @ any building supplier of your choice. No kit needed.
@ R200 per Cloud Downloadable guide (140mb in size)
The guide includes how to: solar heating / chlorinator / pump / filter installation and how to add a low cost maintenance water feature.
Starting from planning stage until filled with water.

Hint: TOTAL WATER HARDNESS (Calcium and Magnesium levels in water) plays a vital part in preserving your swimming pool lining.
Out of range hardness levels (ideal levels 250 - 450 ppm) can cause corrosion or scale.

Please do not waste your hard earn money on "epoxy" type material.
Rather choose the more robust fibreglass lining option.

Proudly marketed and produced locally.

For example, companies do not know your property shade spots, general wind direction and wind twirl areas throughout the year.
All this intellectual capital and hands on knowledge is captured on in this guide for R200 [Cloud downloadable 140mb]. Can you afford not to order a guide today?
If you are making use of contractors, you will have an eagle eye vision of your project. This is a HOW TO guide WITHOUT buying "the KIT" option.
You are fully in control of your finance, purchases, quality and project, from the start! Best of all: You can stop at any stage e.g. temporary financial constraints.
Ordering this guide will unlock your potential and make your dream come true in a very affordable way.

The material can be bought @ any building supplier of your choice. No kit needed.

The basic material used to build this 2.6m x 3.8m swimming pool:



Cost in 2000

50kg Cement


R24.00 per 50Kg

Blocks (390mm x 190mm x 190mm)


R5.25 each


5 cubic meter

R100.00 per cubic meter

13mm Stone

3 cubic meter

R107.00 per cubic meter

Q: Where on the Internet can I find some prices (quotes) for swimming pools?
: For a rough guideline on prices:

For an affordable solar heating system go to:

Important information

If you got a solar heating system and the BRASS non-return valve needs replacement
(salt water shorten the lifespan)... (See "More Pool Info" tab)


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Installing a Solar Geyser (in 2009) with performance facts and statistics
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