One question that arises when buying a new home is the choice of flooring to consider. Flooring is essential to livening up a space by adding color and design to a room. Floorings are different from walls as they are used more often and are hence susceptible to being damaged more easily. Damaged flooring is also more easily visible and hence becomes a liability to any homeowner. The most common types of flooring to choose from are hardwood and carpets. Each have their own pros and cons that need to be considered separately for each and every situation.

Carpets come in different materials such as nylon, wool, polyester etc. They provide different benefits and also vary in cost. Nylon is cheap and durable and is generally used for homes. It is unfortunately not as stain resistant as wool and is also not as easy to clean. Wool is much costlier but is made from natural fiber instead of synthetic material. Unfortunately, it is not as moisture resistant as synthetic alternatives and is hence more prone to damage in humid conditions. Hardwood on the other hand comes in a more variety of options such as maple, pine, oak, ash etc. It is much more durable costlier as compared to carpets but this is offset by the cost of maintenance and longevity over the years.

Carpets are being phased out as compared to hardwood due to their smaller lifespan. Even them they are more popular amongst the older generation and have the additional benefit of being noise dampening compared to hardwood. This makes them more suitable for apartments and shared living spaces. Additionally, carpets are easier and cheaper to repair as compared to hardwood and that makes them a more viable option in case of damage. If there is a very low chance of damage, hardwood floors win out compared to carpets because they are a lot easier to clean.

Most carpets are also made out of synthetic material made from petroleum and are hence not very environment friendly. Hardwood on the other hand is made from trees and if proper, sustainable and environment friendly practices are employed to procure them, they are the greener option. This is usually confirmed by the certification the wood carries with it that is verified when being bought.

Lastly, it is important to consider the health impact of the two options. If family members or residents are prone to allergies then carpets are not the best option. In this case hardwood flooring should be considered.

It is clear that there is no clear winner when comparing carpets to hardwood flooring for you home. When all the options are considered it is possible to compare the two and find one that best fits your personal needs. It is also vital to consider personal preference when trying to choose between the two since they both add very different perceptions to a room. A particular choice might be a lot more favored compared to another which would make it the deciding factor at the end of the day.


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