The spaces we occupy are an important part of our everyday lives. They influence us in subtle unconscious ways especially since we spend so much of our time there. This is why it is essential to live in spaces that are comfortable and relaxing and allow us to unwind after either a long day at work or a short visit out with friends. Our houses are more than just a place of living for us as they represent who we are and how we see ourselves. It is also a place where we entertain family, friends and guests.

One of the best ways to personalize a house is by making it organized. A clutter free place enables us to stay worry free and organized in other aspects of our life too. It is also very easy to implement and does wonders to one’s health. Organization can take the form of tiny changes like buying a Desk Organizer to keep stationary and other writing implements in easy to access containers. A more large-scale change would be to buy a locker to categorize and separate items of clothing such as clothes, bags and shoes. Another nifty trick is to use baskets to make laundry more fun and enjoyable by sorting them from before.

Another way to improve your house is by decorating walls. This trick is very easy to use and is quickly noticeable. Bare walls are boring to look at and do not inspire any creativity. Thankfully there are a lot of great options to choose from when trying to use this route. You can use decorative wallpapers that stand out with beautiful designs and patterns. Or just go with plain old-fashioned photo frames of exotic locations or loved and cherished people. There is also the option of using fairy lights or tapestry to brighten up a wall instead of going with traditional options. Another unorthodox choice is to install a faux fireplace which adds a bit of character to a room without the cost of getting an actual installed.

Some other things that add color to a home are a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity. These projects can seem technical at first but are easy to do on your own. Doing them on your own can teach you valuable skills to in addition to improving your house. Other useful skills such as changing doorknobs or unclogging a sink are also great to teach self-reliance and easy to pick up with no experience.

DIY home projects are a great way of adding character to a house and making it truly feel like a home. They range from projects that are easy to do, such as hanging a painting or time-consuming ones, such as building a concrete table top. Whatever project a person chooses to start with, there is no doubt it will be highly beneficial and rewarding. Apart of the making the place feel more comfortable, these projects provide a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth which makes them great as a hobby too.


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