Most home owners believe that an investment in a new house ends with the final payment and the transfer of the deed. Unfortunately this is not always the case especially since there are a lot of tiny chores that start adding up which can get very costly if left on their own. Apart from this, the bills are recurring expenses that are quite dependent on the structure and quality of the house. Fortunately there a few home improvement projects that, if done as soon as you shift into a new home, can really bring the cost of the bills down and save a lot of money over the years.

One of the biggest costs is that of temperature control in the house. Heating up a house takes a lot of energy and this energy adds up in maintaining it. This is because of heat escaping through areas that are badly insulated. The biggest source of this problem is the attic. This is why the first thing to do is check whether the insulation in the attic is properly installed and there are no leaks. US house guidelines require at least six inches of insulation between the beams. If there are any holes they should be covered as soon as possible which will drive down the energy needed to keep temperature stable.

The next possible thing to do is to check the thermostat of your water heater. If you have the habit of leaving the water heater temperature at maximum then it might be time to reconsider keeping it at the more appropriate temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. This temperature is enough for a person to carry out everyday jobs but not too high to waste energy as excess heat. Additionally if your water heater is of an older model than a great way to save cost is to cover it with a water heater blanket. This provides additional insulation keeping the temperature hot for longer. Also ceiling fans are another great way of lowering costs by circulating air instead of using an air conditioner.

Another great way to leverage technology to help with cutting costs is by installing a programmable thermostat. This thermostat can be used to schedule change in temperature based on timings. One of the things this type of thermostat allows you to do is decrease the heating during times you are sleeping and set it to start heating just before you usually wake up. This will not be noticeable and help decrease costs. Apart from this, you can check for drafts in an old home which might be causing unnecessary load on the heating unit. There are many different small changes you can make which will decrease drafts once the source is identified.

These home improvement project might cause small changes but they start to become significant over the years. It is also best to do this as most of the energy is otherwise wasted. A lot of these changes are eligible for tax refunds under energy guidelines depending on country.

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