Environmental pollution is over of the major issues that is causing ecology to imbalance and this in return has extremely adverse effect on us. Major constituent of this pollution are one time used plastic bottles. The average American or European throws away 100 kilograms of plastic per year, as reported by the Worldwatch Institute in 2015. Real issue with these bottles is the rate at which they are continuously being produced. Furthermore, these bottles can remain in their original shape for hundreds of years. So, it is necessary to recycle them.

Around the world, initiatives have begun to recycle and reuse plastic bottle. Amongst many possible alternatives, one is to use them to build plastic bricks. These bricks can in return be used to produce houses for the poor and weak. This way we fight poverty and pollution. Main problem with this solution is the collection mechanism for bottles. Once that is in place, this method can yield great results. Following are some local companies that have taken up the initiative and are producing plastic houses on large scale.

  1. Conceptos Plasticos

Bogota based company that has been producing low cost house form plastic since 2010. Average size of these houses is 430 squared feet. Structures constructed by this company has benefited the locals to a large degree since their product have been used as temporary and permanent homes, shelters, classrooms, community rooms and other buildings. The company was founded by Colombian architect Oscar Mendez who transformed plastic bottles into Lego like bricks that can be easily be assembled and with addition of additives these structures can be made fire and earthquake proof. Each house costs the equivalent of $130 per square meter. In addition to this, company also teaches locals to buildup the structure using the building material provide by the company. Around 4 people are required for construction of a single house and all this work can be completed in a week time.

  1. EcoDom’s Innovative Houses Made of Plastic

EcoDom is a Mexico based company, with an annual plastic production of 800,000 tons and a capacity of 15 percent being reused. With huge potential and grave need for increased recycling, Carlos Daniel Gonzalez founded the Mexican startup EcoDom. This means Eco Houses. The company recycles everything from soda bottles to toys and turns it into material to build houses made of plastic. The collection process takes place in collaboration with the local trash collection authorities. This is also helping Mexico’s through access to affordable housing. On a weekly bases this company recycles an estimated amount of 15,000 kg of solid waste and turn into 1200 prefabricated walls, flooring and structural roofing.

EcoDom turns plastic, as well as cardboard, into four different products to structure a house: thermal wall, concrete roofing, thermal roofing and structural beams. Weekly, the company recycles 15,000 kg of solid waste and turns it into 1,200 prefabricated walls, flooring and structural roofing. So far, the startup has built more than 500 houses out of recycled plastic at a cost of less than $300 each.


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