While most of us have probably changed our living arrangements more than once, have we ever really stopped to examine just how many different types of houses and living spaces there are available to us. These depend on factors such as geography, culture and economic outlook and are hence varied based on the criteria. Although most people will not need to bother much with the terminology, it is useful to have a quick overview which might come in handy if you’re even in the market for changing homes.
One of the most common types of houses that most people have seen and probably even lived in at a certain point is the single-family detached house. This type of house is on its own piece of land separate from any other house. It is usually found in the suburbs and is most common in North America. The next most common type of house is the condominium or condo for short. It is usually confused with an apartment but there is a small but important distinction between the two. Condominiums refers to houses in buildings with more than one house. In a condominium, the title of a unit in the building is with a particular owner. The land apart from the unit belongs to an elected body such as the Homeowners Association in the US. Condominiums can also be duplexes which refers to a unit with two floors usually built by joining two units together.
This is in contrast to an apartment which is the same as a condo but it has a group of units in a building with a single owner. This owner then rents out the units to tenants to stay in them. There is also another similar structure or house called the co-op. In this type of house, the ownership is not of a particular unit but instead, the building is owned by an entity and people can own shares in this entity. Co-op have the ability to decide if they want a prospective buyer to buy shares in the owning entity which can be refused in case of a lack of finances or other legal blockades.
In contrast to the single-family detached house, there are townhouses available usually in cities. These are houses that are lined next to each other and are usually 2 – 3 stories tall. A bungalow is another type of house with thin walls and a front porch. It is commonly single storied. It is more frequently found in South Asia from where the name originates too. A bungalow is usually square in shape. In contrast to this there is the ranch-style home that is rectangular and single storied like bungalows. They are built on larger amounts of land such as when the rapid expansion of suburbs led to large areas of land becoming populated suddenly.
Other types of houses include the multi-family or basement suite housing which have become popular due to rising real estate cost. The many options available on the market is enough to make sure there is a housing option available for everyone.


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