Whether you’re buying your first home or living in the same place for the past 10 years, we’ve all come across a situation where we find it hard to store something. This is made worse by recent trends in the real estate market across the globe that has caused prices to sky rocket. This means that people are forced to buy smaller and cozier properties especially in large urban metropolises. As always though, people have been forced to resort to creative and ingenious ways to save space and improve their living conditions.

It is always more comfortable to live in large airy houses that allow room for movement and storage. Unfortunately, that might not always be available as an option. Being forced to live in cramped places makes a person feel suffocated and claustrophobic. One way of making it a room appear more spacious than it actually is, is through the use of mirrors. Full length mirrors are a great way to make it seem like a space is very roomy. They are perfect for wardrobes and corridors. They also serve as great tools to show you your complete outfit and hence make it possible to choose the right combination of clothes for the perfect outfit.

If you’re used to having a lot of guests over but cannot afford to buy a place with an extra guest room, it is worth considering getting a convertible sofa. This incredibly useful piece of furniture allows you to convert your sofa into a bed through the use of an ingenious piece of engineering. The bed is comfortable and spacious enough for any guest to get either a good night’s sleep or a quick nap. The sofa also usually has space beneath it to store sheets and a duvet so that all the necessary things required for an overnight stay are at hand.

Some other useful home improvement projects worth considering are buying bunk beds for the kids’ rooms. These allow for the rest of the room to be used for other activities such as playing which are vital for healthy development. Bunk beds can also be added to walls in extreme cases if a house is being constructed and the plans are still being made. This provides the option of hiding them completely out of view if they are not being used. Another option to consider apart from bunk beds if installing drawers in stairs. This is also a viable option only if the house plans are still being considered. The drawers allow for extra storage and are out of sight when not being used.

Although rental spaces are decreasing in area, people continue to find novel ways to store objects. Small tips and tricks such as the mirror go a long way in improving livability by tricking the mind that an area is larger than it really is. The convertible sofa, bunk bed and stair drawers are some more ways possible to free up space to do more useful things in the same amount of space.


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